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The Baristas Choice Coffee

If you're looking for a superb filter coffee, we have a wide selection to pick from, including our own Blue Mountain, Colombian, or Dutch mix, which is a well-balanced blend with a clean, refreshing taste.

Columbian Filter Coffee

 Roasted Beans & Filter Coffee Supplier

From the heart of Berkshire, we are a local roasted coffee supplier, delivering bespoke coffee. Customers in Newbury and Berkshire can choose from a small selection of coffee blends. We simply want to make great tasting coffee, so we've spent the last few years carefully selecting the best beans and flavours, which we carefully roast to produce the richest, most robust flavours. Fair-trade and decaffeinated blends are included.

To get our local roasted coffee to you, we work with a local distributor.

Barista Choise Coffee Bean Blends

Coffee Bean Blends

Our local traditionally roasted beans are full bodied with either intense chocolate notes or creamy with sweet pine wood designed to give that amazing Barista aroma in every cup.​

Barista Choice Filter Coffee

Filter Coffee

Our filter coffees come in a range of blends from balanced and sweet to rich and smooth, with flavours including almond chocolate and citrus fruit which can be perfect to suit a variety of customer tastes. 


Barista Choice Coffee In A Bag

Coffee In A Bag

The fantastic taste of a freshly brewed quality filter coffee, without the need for an expensive coffee machine - 100% Colombian Coffee in a bag.

Coffee Beans

Coffee Bean Blends

Barista Choice Blend 1 Coffee Beans

Espresso Blend 1

  • Creamy full bodied, with notes of bittersweet cocoa, sweet pine wood and Brazil nut and a syrupy lingering finish. An intense and complex blend with notes of roasted nut, dark cocoa and sweet cedar wood, complimented by a creamy mouthfeel.

  • A 50/50 blend of Asian Robusta and Arabica from Brazil and the Djimma region of Ethiopia

Barista Choice Centro Coffee Beans

Centro Beans

  • Full-bodied and intense with red cherry and dark chocolate notes throughout. Thick and satisfying with a powerful kick balanced by molasses sweetness and subtle acidity

  • This is a blend of Asian Robusta (70/30) and Arabica from Ethiopia, Brazil and Peru

Barista Choice Fairtrade Coffee Beans

Fairtrade Bean

  • Well balanced body and full of flavour. Sweetness and maltiness come through well as a black coffee. Adding milk develops the caramel and toffee notes.

Filter Coffee
Filter Coffee
Blue Mountain Filter Coffee

Blue Mountain
Filter Coffee

  • Balanced and sweet blend, with notes of roasted nuts, milk chocolate and subtle stoned fruits

  • Clean and refreshing finish

  • Omni-Grind Coffee: Recommended for Cafetières or 3-Pint Filter Coffee Machines.

  • Packed in 55 gram Sachets.

  • As a general rule, use about 7g of ground coffee per cup (which roughly translates to 56g for an 8-cup cafetière).

Colombian Filter Coffee

Filter Coffee

  • Smooth and fruity with complex notes of almond, peach and passion fruit.

  • Bright acidity and rich flavour at the front of the cup with a persistent sweet and syrupy finish. 

  • Recommended for 3 Pint Machines or Cafetieres. Packed in 55 gram Sachets.


Dutch Regal
Filter Coffee

  • Full bodied, creamy mouthfeel with notes of roasted nut and dark chocolate, praline sweetness and subtle tobacco and whisky in the finish.

  • Packed in 55 gram Sachets. Recommended for 3 Pint Machines.


Filter Coffee

  • Rich walnut and chocolate notes with a smooth “mouth feel” and soft acidity, perfect as a bedtime drink.

  • Packed in 50 x 55 gram Sachets. Recommended for 3 Pint Machines. 

Coffee In A Bag
Coffee In A Bag

Our 100% Colombian coffee bags are designed to produce a cafetiere style coffee made without the need for anything other than boiling water brewed for between 2-5 minutes – a luxurious ground coffee with no mess, no fuss. Simply select your cup, pop in a bag and pour over the water - easy!

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New Additions To Our Range
Image by Colin Lloyd
Granulated Milk Topping
  • Especially designed for the vending & bean to cup market.

  • Specific milk powder that is whipped up by instant machines to give cappuccino a foamy top or combined with water to give coffee a whitener

  • A high grade cappuccino topping mixed with a fabulous super flavour to produce a perfectly milky cream froth

  • Not to be mistaken for traditional whitener

Image by Anastasia Eremina
Hot Choco
  • Free flowing cocoa based chocolate drink mix for use in vending & bean to cup machines. Recommended throw per 7fl oz cup is 20-22g.

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