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Barista Quality 

"Designed to produce a cafetiere style Coffee, made for one - without the need for anything more than boiling water"

Coffee in a Bag?


If you currently mainly drink instant coffee, and you want to start enjoying the fantastic quality of a freshly brewed drip filter coffee, without the need for an expensive coffee machine – a great option is our 100% Colombian coffee bag.



These finest fresh coffee bags are designed to produce a cafetiere style coffee made for one. The convenient, no mess no hassle way to brew your coffee giving you a home style brewed coffee away from home and on the go. Perfect for hotels, resturants, travelling by plane or train, small offices and as a personnel gift idea.


Barista Choice 100% Colombian Coffee bags are designed to produce a cafetiere style coffee made without the need for anything other than boiling water – luxurious ground coffee with no mess, no fuss. We have select the finest oven roasted ground Arabica coffee beans are carefully chosen to help ensure sustainability whilst our roasting methods ensure consistency to go into each 16g bag of this coffee. Carefully roasted and ground to create the perfect Baritsa choice Colombian coffee blend. Every bag is then individually wrapped and sealed to maintain freshness whilst being 100% compostable enviormentally friendly (Don't throw away!).

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